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Let me show you how a gentle approach can make big changes in how your body moves, feels and responds to stress!

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There are many reasons why a person like you comes into our office for care. The most common are:

•A nagging pain or recurrent ailment
•A stressful event (physical, emotional, chemical)
•A desire for more life ease and joy
•A ‘persistent‘ family member, friend or co-worker thinks we can help

Regardless of the motivation, the underlying hope in most of us is that we want our individual problem fixed.

This kind of thought process sets us up for failure because we are not broken.

“What?!!” you may ask. “Then why am I not healing???” 

We think that is a great question! By asking yourself this question, you have already taken your first step on the road to successful healing.

When we are in the middle of talking with someone on our cell phone and the signal is dropped, is our phone broken, or have we simply lost our connection?

Healing is not about correction because you’re broken. It is about connection between your body/spine and brain.

In our office we use Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) as a model for our Chiropractic service. The primary objective of NSA is to effectively and measurably enhance the body/brain connection, via the spine therefore, immediately increasing your healing capacity. The application of care, called an entrainment consists of specific, gentle touches in a reproducible sequence in places where the spinal cord attaches to the spine. These contacts encourage the development of spontaneous breath, movement and stretching that enhance the body/spine and brain connection, facilitating the release of tension.
You will soon discover that there is a relationship between how your body is working and how your life is working. Your new awareness will result in feeling better through connection.

We are honoured to be able to assist you in your healing.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Aimee Davis Chiropractor & specialist in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)
Browns Bay, Auckland  

Optimising lives through Gentle Chiropractic!


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